Wednesday, March 3, 2010

By Ashley Lutz

(MONMOUTH) The City Council voted unanimously this week in favor of raising the sales tax by one percent without questions or debate.

The vote was actually on two ordinances combined into one. In addition to the sales tax, the Council voted to eliminate the vehicle sticker tax. City manager, Eric Hanson, told the Warren County Newswire that the bill will take affect in either July or January. Once this is finalized, residents will not have to buy vehicle stickers, including students at Monmouth College.

A majority of the public appeared to be in favor of the bill. There seemed to be little controversy surrounding the ordinance, and fewer than a half dozen people attended the city council meeting. According to an online poll conducted by the Review Atlas, sixty six percent approve of eliminating the city sticker. Matt Hutton Editor of the Atlas believes, “The majority of the public agree with the Council action. The school districts might be the only ones against it because the schools are likely to ask for a county wide sales increase.

The meeting also had a representative from Ameren Illinois Utilities who informed the council that residents now are able to pick and choose what electric company provides their electricity. The quick overview of the service included looking at the different companies and comparing them. He encouraged everyone to find more information on the subject by visiting

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