Tuesday, January 25, 2011


By Michell Nutting
When Roseville Elementary closed its doors in 2010, residents of Roseville wanted another option for an elementary education in town. Roseville Community Christian School located within the Living Light Tabernacle Church, has opened and is in full swing for the 2010-2011 school year.

Teacher Karyn Beavers and her four students, Mea Blunt, Timothy Pence, April Rogers and Jessilyn Wainman are making sure that RCCS operates like a traditional school.
“We try to run our school like a normal school. Our kids get here at 8 o’clock, we run on the Monmouth-Roseville Junior High schedule because our kids can use those buses to get here. We come in in the morning; we usually open with prayer, we do our morning activities and the kids get started on their individual school work,” said Beavers.

The four students range from second to fourth grade which sometimes is a challenge for Beavers. “It’s a lot of preparation. You have to be prepared and you have to know what you are doing. They are all doing very well, and definitely with the small class size they get a lot of one on one attention.”

Beavers also says that although this is a private school her students are still involved with other activities, like girl scouts.

With the building of the old elementary school being turned over to the Village of Roseville, Beavers is not sure whether they will be able to occupy the vacant building or not. However, Beavers is optimistic about enrollment for next year. RCCS plans on having a few open house events for people to come visit their school. If you would like further information you can call the school at 309-426-1787.

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