Wednesday, February 23, 2011


By Jacob Willis

Spring is in the air and College students across the country have one thing in mind: Spring Break! In less than two weeks campus dorms will be closing and students will be free to do as they please for over a week. Whether it is finding a beach on the coast, hitting the slopes, or even just taking a load off at home. Spring Break is a time for students to take a vacation from the stress of school and let loose. However, it is no secret that the freedom of spring break can lead to some dangerous situations. Here are just a few tips to keep you safe and feeling good this spring break.

Workouts: If you are not already doing it START! You want to be looking your best before you hit the beach or the sun, so the more time spent in the gym the better.

Save Big Money!: Its always better to have more than enough rather than not enough when heading on vacation.

*TIP- Students going on spring break should look to save about $500-$1000 to bring along. Don’t forget you have to save for food, drinks, alcohol, night clubs, etc. for every day you are on spring break. Most night clubs and bars will have a special deal for the week so make sure you do your research to save the most of your money.

Pack Wisely: just because it is spring break does not always mean the weather will feel like it. From experience last year, Panama City Beach can still be pretty brisk at the beginning of March. Temperatures may only touch 70 degrees on some days, which is not necessarily a no shoes, no shirt, no problem type day. Make sure you throw in a long sleeve T-shirt and maybe a couple hoodies just in case the weather is not the best.

Contact Person/ I.C.E: Make sure whoever you are traveling with including yourself, informs someone of your daily itinerary so someone knows where and what your are doing at all times. Check in with your contact daily and let him or her know if your travel plans change.

Watch your cash: Do not carry large amounts of cash with you. Anything can happen at any given point, and it could really put a damper on the trip to loose all of your cash at one time. Try and keep whatever you will not need of your cash locked up or hidden back at the hotel. This includes credit cards, debit cards, and any other forms of cash.

Alcohol: Know the law: Inform yourself and others of the drinking laws within the state you are traveling before you go. Find out beforehand what will happen if you violate these laws. In most cases forms of identification and A LOT of cash will be needed, so be smart. Otherwise, your trip may be ending earlier than planned.

Ride the bus: Drunk driving is nothing to play with while on break. Police will be using this time period to catch as many people as possible who fall into this category. Find out what public transportation is available around you. In most places they will offer public transportation for free. While out at night it is smart to put the number of a taxi service in your wallet of purse.

Protect your friends: If you see a friend that is non-responsive, make sure to lay them on their side to prevent choking on spit or vomit. Don’t take a risk, call someone immediately. Better safe than sorry.
Make a plan: Figure out how much alcohol you will be consuming at the beginning of the day. Make sure you incorporate a bottle of water into your plan after at least every 3 drinks. Also make it a plan to watch your drink. Stalkers are lurking everywhere on spring break, looking for that perfect opportunity when you set your drink down.

Safe sex: If you choose to have sex over break use protection every time. Condoms are easy to stash in a wallet or purse and will do the deed to prevent pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.Keep Sex Sober: Having sex under the influence can bring up some potential risk you would rather not deal with. Even if you think there is consent, having sex under the influence can be considered sexual assault in some cases.

Choose Wisely: It is very easy to make friends on spring break. But be sure to really get to know the person before trusting them. It is hard to tell where someone has been let alone who they have been with just by talking to them.

These tips could be life savers while on your stress free vacations, so make note. Be smart, be safe, and most importantly be responsible this spring break.

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