Monday, February 13, 2012

Bustos Campaigns in Warren County

By Ryan Bronaugh

Cheri Bustos is running for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 17th Congressional District. If she wins the primary in March - which she is expected to do - she will run against incumbent Bobby Schilling(R) in November. Bustos brought her message and campaign to Warren County last week.

The Bustos campaign started to take off last fall when she proved to be one the leading fund-raisers following second quarter campaign earning reports. In October, Rep. Mike Boland (D) dropped out of the race. In December State Rep. Dave Koehler of Peoria announced he too was dropping out. Her fourth quarter earnings came within $1,000.00 of Schilling. In an interview with WQAD, Schilling’s campaign manager, and son, Terry Schilling, appeared slightly startled by the reports when he acknowledged Bustos’ campaign momentum, but said “We are focused on our own campaign right now.”

As part of what her campaign deemed a “listening” tour, Bustos met with Henderson County Sheriff Mark Lumbeck (D), before coming to campus to do a live radio interview. She was then interviewed by the Daily Review Atlas, before she returned to the campus for a private meeting with MC President, Dr. Mauri Ditzler. Bustos also took time for one-on-one introductions with, and to deliver her campaign message to, some of the college’s faculty.

Bustos’ longtime friend and campaign advisor, Robin Johnson said, “We are still, very much, focused on the primary elections and working like we are behind.”

Craig Watson, professor of English at Monmouth College, had the opportunity to meet with Cheri Bustos and listen to her message. “She spoke well, her pitch was good and she had a good, straight, plain message for her campaign … I was impressed,” said Watson.

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