Wednesday, March 28, 2012


(editors note: This is the first in a series of reports dealing with problems facing communities outside of Warren County)

By Kelly Murphy

The village of Lemont,Illinois is a historic suburb of Chicago located on the Des Plains river.

The Lemont village board recently addressed a village ordinance which will authorize the removal of trees infested with emerald ash borer on both public and private owned property. As many as 30 to 50 trees could be removed

During the meeting, Brian Reaves, Mayor of Lemont, discussed the issue of the infestation with a local environmentalist. They addressed the concerns for the village parks but also how the Lemont residents may be affected by the removal.

Only two residents of the community attended the meeting..

Following roll call, Mayor Reaves, explained that emerald ash borer (EAB), is native beetle of Asia that feeds on the vascular tissues between the bark and sapwood on ash trees. This eating habit then interrupts the flow of nutrients and water required by the tree to survive.

Local resident, Kim Rachan, agreed with the board, that being aware of this issue is very important to address and record on the village board minutes.

“As a community member, I deserve the right to know why the village would want to cut down an infested tree that is on my private property,” Rachan said. “However, I am a little concerned with how the village will approach this situation, meaning, will I be charged a fee for the removal if a sick tree is located on my property? If so, how will I be reassured that the removal of my tree will be a way to quarrentine the virus and not just another village expense?”

Before adjourning , Mayor Reaves replied that the cost for the removal will be addressed in the next board meeting, following a private discussion with the executive board members.

Other topics that were discussed during this bi-monthly village board meeting, were voting locations for election day and the approval for two different real estate properties.

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