Saturday, September 15, 2012

Art and Artists

By Nicole Polich
Residents from around the county gathered at the Buchanan Center for Arts in Monmouth this week for the 64th Arts National Juried Exhibition featuring Juror Eric Fischl. Artists
were asked to submit works to share insights and hopes for America in the
spirit of the national initiative, “America: Now and Here.”

Juror Eric Fischl, is a worldwide acclaimed American figurative painter and sculptor.  His achievements throughout his career havemade him one of the most influential artists. Fischl’s paintings, sculptures,drawings and prints have been the subject of numerous solo and group
exhibitions and publications, for many years.

Jessica Bingham, a 2012 Monmouth College
graduate, had the chance to meet Mr. Fischl. “He is one of the most
accomplished “living” artists of our generation and was very insightful,
explaining to Connor Shields and I, about our desire to be professionals in
art, that ‘if we want it, we will get it.’ He was very kind towards the
Monmouth community, connected with the artists on a personal level and spoke
humbly about his artistic career; this was a great honor to have him here.”

Artists were given three themes to refer to
when submitting their artwork; America as Icon, America as Place and America as
People. “Art is a reflection of the society we live in” echoed a voice in the
exhibit. Each artwork symbolizes a unique aspect of America society seen
through the artist’s eyes. “Waiting for Impact, Ghost Elevator, Way up here,
Devils Highway to the American Dream, and Bitter Seduction” are just a few
names of the art work seen in the exhibit.

One specific piece of art titled “Off
Label” stood out to Monmouth College junior Kaity Washburn,“The society we live
in is always focused on the materialistic view of life, whether it’s the
clothes we wear or the places we shop. This painting proves that even an off
label can be Monmouth College beautiful.”
Other paintings resembled such things as the economy, the farming
industry, the American dream and the seduction of Starbucks, all insights of
what each artist hopes for America.

The Buchanan Center for Arts features a large exhibit space for classes,
meetings, and other arts related and community events. October 26-December 29th
will be a new artist, Gil Rocha.

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