Friday, November 23, 2012


By Zack Johnson
            Fire officials are continuing their investigation into a fire that destroyed Danny’s Tap, a popular bar in Monmouth last week.  The fire was discussed extensively at the city council meeting following the blaze.
            Monmouth Fire Chief Casey Rexroat told council members how the fire department responded to the fire.  He reported that no one was injured in the blaze but the north side of the building was completely destroyed. Luckily the building’s firewall prevented the flames from harming the south side. He said that the investigation had been delayed due to instability of the structure so the cause of the fire still is unknown. .
                        Until the fire department is able to complete an investigation, the Monmouth City Council will have to wait and see what happens before they can take action.  Monmouth Mayor Davies told Council members that, “Whether it was started by accident, natural causes, or arson we will have to learn from it”.
            In other business before the council, Mayor Davies took a vote concerning a vacant lot neighboring Monmouth-Roseville Elementary. The motion passed unanimously, changing the lot from a residential estate to a public area. This location will eventually be used as an extension of the elementary campus, allowing the school district to provide a fenced in play ground for school use. This plan has been receiving a great deal of support from the community and will be put into action soon.
            Monmouth Police Department is also making some actions to improve the force. They recently received a new squad car that will take action in a couple of weeks. Officers of Monmouth will also being attending a cultural diversity class to expand and enhance their knowledge of culture on December fifth.
            The Monmouth City Council holds their meetings the second and fourth Monday of every month at seven P.M. Meetings are held at City Hall on 100 East Broadway in Downtown Monmouth.

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