Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Mike OlszewskI
A new branding campaign for struggling local businesses in Monmouth is on the back burner and waiting to be launched. Within the next year residents will begin to see major renovations to the downtown area. One change will include a new brand name for Monmouth’s downtown businesses, “The Shops of Monmouth.” Monmouth’s City Council hopes that this new branding campaign will serve as a creative way to bring more businesses and families to the downtown area.
“You can’t just throw up a small shop in a small town like this, it has to be more of a destination, there has to be a reason to come here,” said Paul Schuytema, Director of Community Development. Schuytema added, “The whole idea of branding is to find something everyone can get behind. We have met the challenge of rehabbing all the buildings in the downtown area, the next step is figuring out what businesses will fit.”

 The new branding campaign, sponsored by Midwest Bank, hopes to attract new businesses to boost Monmouth’s economy.  “The Shops of Monmouth” will become the town’s way of publicly advertising to large franchises and businesses.

 “If we have a really vibrant retail and cultural base in our downtown everyone wins, businesses, Monmouth, Monmouth College, and even the students. We are tending the garden and getting the soil ready right now,” said Schuytema. He hopes that by creating an attractive brand name for downtown Monmouth, they can reduce the “leakage factor” and bring business back, “The money is being spent, we just have to market it right”.

 As of now, Monmouth’s City Council’s goal is to keep building its residential market to attract more businesses. If you are looking to become part of the campaign or would like your business in downtown Monmouth, visit for more information.

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