Tuesday, September 21, 2010


New Traffic Patterns
By Joe Testolin

MONMOUTH — City officials voted unanimously this week to pass an ordinance to make the 500 block of W. Archer a two-way street City Administrator Eric Hanson said he spoke with Monmouth-Roseville School District Superintendent Paul Woehlke who gave him the green light to move forward and make the one-way street a two-way street to minimize traffic congestion around the empty school.

Hanson also reported that work on the water supply for the south side of town would begin within 10 days with an expected completion date of December. 1. He said contractors would use a bore method rather than using open cuts in an effort to lessen disruption for the residents in that area
In other action, City officials honored Monmouth Fire Chief Jim Conrad. The Council recognized the retiring fire chief for his years of service to the city. Local 1702 presented Conard with a mounted "Chief's Axe" and Mayor Rod Davies presented Conard with a commemorative plaque. Both presentations were met with a standing ovation from Council members and visitors.

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