Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Coorain to Monmouth

A Required Text Comes to Life
By: Arica R. Brazil

“The Road From Coorain.” has been required reading for freshman students at Monmouth College for the past two years. The book can be seen around campus sticking out of book bags of students or in the hands of others cramming to read the sage green paperback.

The book came to life on campus this week in the form of its author, Jill Ker Conway, who appeared at a college convocation. The writer stood in comfortable confidence in front of college faculty and students dawning a light blue blazer and elegant, simple jewelry. The title of the convocation was “Thinking about Women” and Conway spoke specifically to the women in the audience, urging them to believe as women that they are capable of anything. Conway, currently seventy-seven, explained her unique childhood, her adolescence, and also touched on her adulthood. Not only did she discuss her personal life, but her close connection to feminism. Her views went hand in hand with her title, and she believes wholeheartedly in a woman’s ability to perform as well as men in the various arenas of the workplace, sports, etc.

But perhaps, the most compelling statement from Conway was “the need for courses which would provide a outlet for the major research of women.“ Monmouth College does have a Women’s Studies course, but many in the audience wondered if this could be expanded. Perhaps a course on Women’s History, or Women’s Sports History would better prepare the women of Monmouth College for adulthood. Perhaps Monmouth could birth a Jill Ker Conway of its own if these additional classes were added.

Conway only spoke for an hour, but without a doubt opened the minds of students here on campus. Concluding the night with this “I am very happy to hear the comments (concerning her topic) and questions tonight. The road from Coorain to Monmouth is complete.”

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