Saturday, April 17, 2010


by Kerri Yost

Jenna Link of the Warren County Health Department outlined areas of concern regarding the county’s health at the County Board meeting this week. The Department is expected to lose two grants due to state budget cuts with “the women’s health grant taking a big hit,” explained Link.

Link also feared that the department may lose grant funding to test for West Nile Virus in the area. This is due to the low number of reported cases of the virus in Warren County. Areas with more cases of the virus are prioritized.

The department is also still closely watching Influenza A and H1N1 as there was a spike in influenza cases reported in the county in the previous two months. Although there is a large amount of H1N1 vaccine still available, much of it is outdated and will need to be destroyed. Link says that the demand for the vaccine was drastically overestimated last year and, “there will be a lot of vaccine that will go to waste.”

A presentation was also given by Ken Crain of Key Builders regardubg the possibility of fixing the roof at the courthouse. “Honestly, I would recommend replacing the entire roof,” said Crain, rather than just try and patch it again. After much discussion, further information about cost and options was requested from Crain to be presented at the Building and Grounds committee meeting on May 5.

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