Thursday, April 29, 2010


Community Christan School Set to Open in August
by Michelle Nutting

With Roseville Elementary school closing its doors after the 2009-2010 school year, churches around the Roseville area have taken action to give Roseville residents another option for an elementary education. The community came together on Thursday night at the Roseville Community Church to discuss the new school.

Feasibility Committee member, Paul Peterson lead the discussion about what stage the school is currently in and what needs to happen next. The school will be located in the classroom section of the Roseville Community Church and will open its doors in August. Peterson explained that all building requirements, minus a few changes such as adding exit lights and door holders, have been met. Peterson is optimistic about the size of the school saying, “There will be plenty of classrooms.” Tasha Skees of Roseville explained how the school came about. “It was brought up a long time ago but action was never taken. But with the Roseville Elementary school closing, 3 elders decided it was time.”

However starting a new school creates some challenges. “We are looking for tuition to be between $2950 and $3500, but we are hoping to be as close to the $2950 mark as possible” said Peterson. “The tuition is not an upfront payment; the school board is looking at a monthly payment plan, with a higher cost upfront.” This tuition would not include books for the students, unless the school board decides on a curriculum where books are included. “If the school board chooses a curriculum with books included, parents will not have to pay $250.” However, the school still needs general classroom supplies as well as volunteer help in every aspect. Peterson stated that some generous gifts have already been donated to the Roseville Community Christian School. “We have received computers, which haven’t arrived yet, lumber for a playground, as well as labor help for the kitchen. The list goes on and on.”

The community has also considered the idea of having a scholarship fund for students. Skees has high hopes for the school. “I think it would be wonderful. My daughter is only two so she won’t be going there for awhile but it affects the town as a whole.”

The number of students they expect to attend the school is still unknown. If you are interested in donating or if you need any further information, please contact the Roseville Christian Church at 309-426-2131.

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