Friday, April 16, 2010


By Samantha Latora

An estimated 200 people clad in red, white, and blue, gathered on Monmouth College’s Dunlap Terrace Thursday to participate in and observe the Tax Day Tea Party. Protestors held signs high in the air saying “Obama Commander in Thief”, “This Change Sucks”, and “Stop spending money we don’t have”

Senior Monmouth College student, Seth Cocquit organized the rally. “The purpose of this event is to spread awareness to students and to the community that there are alternatives to the current leadership in Washington D.C.,” Cocquit stated. Another Monmouth College student, Stephanie Arrowsmith, said “This event is for the people of the community to discuss feelings against big government and their distribution of our money.” Arrowsmith agrees that something must be done, “Politicians are getting raises when there are people in our country and other countries who are starving.”

Several community members, including Professor Dick Johnston, Joyce Fox, David Peterson, and Larry Mason spoke at the gathering. Warren County resident Joyce Fox boldly stated, “I am not insured and I don’t want Obama care.” Gina O’Sullivan, of Monmouth, Illinois said she is tired of the way the government is being run. “I hope enough people wake up and realize the government isn’t ours anymore. If we don’t fight, we will lose completely.”

A single protestor carrying signs protesting against the Tea Party movement circulated through the crowd and condemned not only the movement, but Fox News, and the Tea Party’s racist roots in a boisterous voice. A security guard quietly asked him to leave. He did so, but not without first raising his voice on several other topics.

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