Wednesday, February 3, 2010


By Andy Drea

(Monmouth, Ill.) Seven more car burglaries were reported in Monmouth during a five day period this week. A rash of burglaries has been been ongoing for nearly a month and a half in the area.

According to Lt. Joe Switzer, three burglaries were reported on Monday, and several more on Tuesday, which is considered unusually high activity. Each of the vehicles had been entered by smashing a window with a brick or rock. In addition, all of Monday’s incidents had reports of stolen purses.

“They’re probably looking inside the vehicle first to see if there’s anything to take,” said Switzer.

Police had previously believed they were close to apprehending the criminal, though Switzer said there had been no progress on stopping the burglaries or catching the offender.

The incidents have had a negative affect on some residents. “I think that they are scary,” said Monmouth College Student Sam Latora, whose car had been robbed in the Holt House parking lot while she was at her Pi Beta Phi sorority meeting. “Monmouth always seemed to me a cozy safe town. I just wish that they would figure out who is doing this.” The purse that was taken out of Latora’s car included a debit car, two blank checks, several electronics, some jewelry, and car keys, among other things.

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