Thursday, February 25, 2010


By Meghan Calvagna

(MONMOUTH) Monmouth College announced this week that it is taking a dynamic leap into the future of public relations strategy and technology. The college has hired an advertising consulting group that specializes in getting positive news about the college onto social networking sites. President Mauri Ditzler introduced the consulting group at this week’s town hall meeting. The consulting firm, Moosylvania Advertising of St. Louis,was hired by the Vice President for Strategic Planning Don Capener.

“Rather than just play defense, we want to play offense,” Don Capener said while talking about the main objective for hiring Moosylvania Advertising, “by creating a positive buzz for Monmouth College.”

Shelly Wolfe, who describes herself as the” head moose”, described Moosylvania’s work as a two-prong approach. The first step is to generate positive buzz around the campus. Secondly, the group would figure out the best way to highlight the good and get the word out on social networking sites.

Rachel Hamblin describes Moosylvania’s advertising skills as helping “put the tools in place to create a working system” the college can use to promote itself and “let Monmouth College tell its own story”.

“The competition for recruiting strong student candidates is more competitive than ever,” said Jeff Roegner, formerly of General Motors Public Relations: “This is a notable step in using the technological innovations that almost all prospective students have access to and turning it into a PR promotional tool showing all that Monmouth has to offer.” Roegner is now a Visiting Professor at Monmouth College.

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