Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monmouth City News

Junkers Beware
By Derek Keist
(Monmouth, Ill.) The city is preparing to clear its streets of the 175 inoperable vehicles that have been identified in Monmouth. An inoperable vehicle is defined as one that will not start or is not licensed or registered.

City Administrator Eric Hanson said at Monday’s city council meeting that those who own an inoperable vehicle can expect to hear from the city soon . They will receive a notice to remove or store the vehicles. “It’s a problem that needs to be resolved,” said Hanson. “We’re hoping to put a good dent in cleaning up that problem by spring.”

Police Chief Brad Zeigler said if the owners do not take care of the situation, the city will eventually tow the vehicle to the junkyard.

In other business, the council approved change the zoning law for the 200 block of South H Street from residential to public use. This action will allow the Grace Bible Church to purchase the property and construct a new church south of their present location.

Hanson also announced that, despite any rumors, Walgreens is scheduled to soon take on ownership of the property and prepare for opening.

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