Friday, February 12, 2010


Breaks, Gas Petals and Steering, Oh My
By: Cassie Hart

The flood of bad news about Toyota does not seem to be creating a panic in Warren and adjoining counties. “We haven’t had too many complaints yet,” declares Jeff Everhart the General Manager of Bob Lindsey Honda Toyota in Galesburg. Everhart refuses to add any comments beyond that.

Cami Johnson a Galesburg student at Monmouth College had her heart set on a new Toyota for Christmas. However, while car shopping with her parents they were advised several times by the sales representative at the Toyota/Honda dealership “that the Honda was the car for them.” Needless to say Johnson is the owner of a new Honda Civic. Simon Cordery a Professor at Monmouth College and owner of a Toyota replied “no, not really” when asked if he has experienced any problems with his vehicle.

With Toyota Motor’s unprecedented recall of millions of vehicles that had accelerator problems the company is experiencing a decline on sales. The decline could force the world’s largest auto maker to cut its 2010 forecasts. A total of 8.1 million Toyota vehicles have been recalled which is more than its total group sales last year.

According to news reports Toyota Motor Corp.’s truck and car sales fell 16% in January. Most of the automakers have seen an increase in sales. “GM came out with some incentives for Toyota car trade ins, however, we have not seen an increase in sales yet,” reports Mike Tapper the Sales Manager of Bruce Foote Chevrolet in Monmouth. When asked about his thoughts about Toyota’s current problems he said that “they are a good company and they are going to take care of the problem.”

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